Saturday, May 30, 2009


This blog alrdy die..tis is the last title tht will appear in this blog..Sayonara~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Discoveries Version 2!

As mention above,tis is continuation of previous title(Big Discoveries!)..tonight i had discover something again..wht is it tis time?since previous title is abt +,-,x and ÷ i will uncover the truth behind the mysterious of ever wondering y a-z gt 26 numbers?y not 27 or others number?

it is as easy as ABC..bcos 26 is a good good it is?k..i will explain briefly abt much u need use calculator to count it cos i alrdy has counted so i will just tell the equal to 351..since +,-,x and ÷ also use the help of ABC also use the help of +,-,x and ÷ lo..~tada~look closely wht magic or equation i will use..;p

k..use +,-,x and ÷ as mentioned,(2+6) (2x6) (6÷2) (6-2)< use 26 and also 62,4 of tis equation will get 8,12,3 and 4..since 351 is just 3numbers,it is nt fair to get 8,12,3,4 tht has 4 v will reduce it to v use 8+4 to make another numbers..but y nt others equation symbol?cos it just like our life..stay always use + is the best way~n y v choose 8 and 4 to plus?becos when 8÷2 can get 4 and when 4x2 also can get bek 8~so tis time v will get wht again?

v will get 12,12, and time 70%fair onli...y?cos..351..tis 3 numbers nt even same at each others..but 12,12,3 gt 2 is SAME!!!how to solve it?omg..nvm..calm down..just now v add,rite?so v continue it ba..hope wont has anymore trouble later..use those 12,12 tht r same to add..tis time v add like tis..12+12=24..although 24 is 1 number..v can separate it v gain 3 numbers again..2,4,3...243 wht relationship wif 351??try to ADD THEM...both also get 9!!

another method,(12,12,3) got 2 is v ignore 1 of de 12..i say ignore mean dun use 1 of de 12 but keep it..y keep it..still rmb v need 3 numbers?so left (12)12,3...c another magic tht i gonna perform ya~3x5x1=15 /12+3=15..c..just now i use 351 to i use 351 to multiple..y i perform magic wif + and x?its simple...cos i gonna put some curse too~..haha..c wht curse i get after perform magic..+=t=20 and x=24...try to add it...20+24=44...SEI SEI!!!DIE DIE!!!

haha..sry for de curse...forgive me if can..~tht the end~~